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Inspiration Monday: Lisa Kristine

This is the third in my weekly series entitled Inspiration Monday.  In these posts I attempt to spotlight a particular photographer, artist, work of art, or person that inspires me to pursue and create my chosen art form of photography.  … Continue reading

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Craft and Vision eBook: Vision in Motion

One of my favorite photographers has a fantastic mission: he wants to support the passion for photography that many people have and wants to educate people in how to maintain and communicate their vision. With that in mind he has … Continue reading

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Inspiration Monday: Michael Kenna

This is the second post in my new series entitled “Inspiration Mondays,” a series where I explore, review, and present an artist, a piece of work, an approach that inspires me to pursue my artistic work.  Last week I wrote … Continue reading

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The Drive toward Creativity

The medium of digital photography has not been around for very long, perhaps 10 years or so in its current “serious” guise. Before that there were some digital camera efforts but nothing that could compete with film. Indeed, I owned … Continue reading

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More In The Horsie Series

I’ve received some feedback regarding the pictures of the horses I posted recently (thanks for all the love!) and thought I might post another. In addition people also mentioned how much they liked my idea of Inspiration Mondays as well … Continue reading

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Kickoff: Inspiration Mondays!

So, I had an idea… Part of what moves me, motivates me, gets me out of bed in the morning, keeps me from going to bed in the evening, is creativity.  I just love things, people, events that are creative.  … Continue reading

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Freedom Rider

Another shot of the blue-eyed horse from the ranch.  He’s a nice fellow but a bit of a leadfoot.  I’ve been trying to capture one particular shot that my wife saw in an art gallery in Taos some years ago … Continue reading

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Eye to Eye

He’s a friendly guy, this guy, with the blue eye.

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Yucatan Church

My sister-in-law inspired me yesterday to dig through my archives to discover any hidden gems that might be hidden there.  Here is one.  This was shot in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico over a year ago.  The churches in the old section … Continue reading

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agua con limon

Just a little something to keep things going.  I don’t know why I like this image, it has just pleased me since I took it.  Maybe it’s something to do with the textures, or the colors, or the remnants of … Continue reading

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