Freedom Rider

(c) Brian E. Miller Photography

Another shot of the blue-eyed horse from the ranch.  He’s a nice fellow but a bit of a leadfoot.  I’ve been trying to capture one particular shot that my wife saw in an art gallery in Taos some years ago and am discovering just how challenging it can be working with horses.  They’re wonderful animals and all, but this one just wouldn’t stand still for me (and he kept trying to bite my camera.)  Sheesh!  Still, it’s a project I am very interested in completing so I’ll keep at it and post it here when I finally finish it (complete with fireworks and everything!

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4 Responses to Freedom Rider

  1. carmelablue says:

    COOL!!! I love this gorgeous shot of the horse. Plus I’m massively in love with New Mexico. Just found your blog address on Josette’s FB status comment~~I’ll put you and her on my blogroll. I’m digging your fine work here, Brian!

    • Brian Miller says:

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate you stopping by and checking out my little project, and for leaving a comment. I’m planning some fun stuff here on this blog so I hope you’ll come on back and visit again soon.

  2. Grace says:

    Verrrrry Nice.

  3. carmelablue says:

    Sure thing, Brian! I love stopping by. Have a gorgeous June!

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