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Wanting What You’ve Got

I don’t think I’m all that different from others when it comes to photography, motivation, and inspiration.  I like to look at photography books, browse the web, click through Flickr, flip through National Geographic Magazine; I get inspired and motivated … Continue reading

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On Being An Artistic Hack

Last week I posted a blog post where I introduced my first photographic gig and how I felt and what I learned about the process.  In the post (which you can find here) I mentioned how nervous I was about … Continue reading

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Inspiration Monday: Bruce Percy; a photographic passion for people and place

This is number six in my series of posts about people or works of art that inspire me to continue in my artistic endeavors.  Last week’s post about Dewitt Jones was well received and I even had some excitement happen: … Continue reading

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My First Gig: or the perils and triumphs of photographing under contract for someone else

My brother emailed me today.  It was an email I had been looking forward to, both with excitement and with some dread.  Excitement because it meant that his company’s website was finally up and all the pictures on it are … Continue reading

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The “Aha!” Moment: Learning Photography

I’m a passionately motivated person. When I find something I am interested in I throw myself into learning as much about the subject as possible. I know this to be true because it’s what my father has remarked about me, … Continue reading

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Inspiration Monday: Dewitt Jones; celebrate what is right with the world

This is my fifth in a series of blog posts about creative people or creative works that inspire me to follow my passion in photography and living a creative life.  As I find myself more committed to writing, photographing, and … Continue reading

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Craft and Vision eBook Review: Safari: Print and Process

David duChemin has release yet another ebook through his online store, Craft and Vision, dedicated to improving the craft and vision of photographers. This ebook, the second in the Print & Process series, stems from his Safari trip in Kenya … Continue reading

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Love of Equipment

I know a person who owns a very nice camera.  It’s quite expensive.  But he does not take it out with him to make photographs, even when on vacation, for fear that he might damage it or it might get … Continue reading

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Inspiration Mondays: Graham Watson

This is the fourth of my weekly posts where I introduce a photographer, piece of art, or person that inspires me to pursue my artistic vision.  This week, since it is my birthday and I don’t have a lot of … Continue reading

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Synthetic Happiness, Photography, and the Creative Soul

I just watched an episode of TED Talks featuring happiness expert and social psychologist, and author of “Stumbling upon Happiness,” Dan Gilbert wherein he describes the unique ability of the human brain to create happiness despite logical reasons not to.  … Continue reading

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