Inspiration Monday: Jerry Ghionis

(c) 2009 Brian E. Miller Photography

This is the ninth in my series of posts about people or works of art that inspire and motivate me to pursue my art and I am beginning to notice the difficulty in consistently posting these posts.  It is not just because of a full life with family and work commitments which take precedence over sitting and writing this post each week.  It is also due to the very nature of inspiration; it waxes and wanes, probably due to the occasionally overwhelming nature to those things which take precedence over creating these posts.

But I digress.   This challenge of dealing with the wax and wane is for another post.  Today’s post is about Gerry Ghionis.  Ghionis is what I might label the Lance Armstrong of wedding photography.  He has not only entered and won every major competition related to wedding photography, he has also dominated and changed the industry earning accolade after accolade the world over.  His portfolios continue to set new standards in not only wedding photography but also fashion and portrait work.

I recently enjoyed watching a wedding photographer work and was even able to follow her around with my camera to make some of my own photographs.  While not the primary photographer at this wedding, I was still able to get a sense of the pressure and stress involved in successfully shooting such a pivotal event in a client’s life.  That Ghionis is able to create high art in the process, consistently, over many years, is a testament to his vision and his dedication.

I don’t plan on becoming a wedding photographer any time soon but I like how Ghionis keeps me thinking about new ways in which to do things.  Check out his website at and especially watch the video promo for the live view of how he makes his images.  In addition, Ghionis also has an educational website at where he provides online educational workshops and also markets his live workshops.

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One Response to Inspiration Monday: Jerry Ghionis

  1. Margarita Alejandra says:

    An incredibly inspirational photographer. Had the privilege of attending one of his workshops in Vegas. The man has made a great business out of his passion.

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