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eBook Review: Journey Through Java by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Craft and Vision, which I am a huge fan of, has released another in their series of Print And Process ebooks today.  Written by photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich this series of photographs takes the viewer through Kanashkevich’s journey to the East … Continue reading

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The benefits of pulling back

Boy we live in a world!  A world of non-stop availability and consumption.  Anything we want to know or see, and a lot don’t, is available right at our fingertips through iPhones, computers, iPads, billboards, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.  … Continue reading

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Cafe de la Presse

Yesterday I posted an image taken at Cafe de la Presse, a French cafe in San Francisco that I fell in love with.  I thought I might share the other images I took on that trip for your viewing pleasure.  … Continue reading

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Inspiration Monday: Zack Arias

This is the 11th in my series of inspirational people or things that motivate and inspire me to pursue my photographic and artistic endeavors.  Today’s post is about Atlanta based commercial photographer Zack Arias. I first came across Zack Arias … Continue reading

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On Copping Out: when there is no time to make photographs

I’ve not written much on this blog lately, I don’t know if you’ve noticed.  I haven’t burned out though.  Quite the opposite.  I am smoldering, slowly, waiting, watching. Life has become hectic and running the edge of unmanageability.  There is … Continue reading

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New David duChemin ebook: Iceland: A Monograph

Best selling author and acclaimed photographer David duChemin released a new ebook on his Craft and Vision website today entitled “Iceland: A Monograph.” With images shot on a recent personal trip to Iceland, duChemin presents the prints and then walks … Continue reading

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Inspiration Monday: Chase Jarvis

This is my tenth in my series of posts about people or works that inspire me to continue pursuing my artistic endeavors. Today’s post is about Chase Jarvis, a commercial photographer based both in Seattle and Paris. Chase is well … Continue reading

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Updates at

I recently noticed some changes over at Flickr that have been in effect for a month or two and I got quite excited. You see, I started this blog in order to control how my photographic images were presented on … Continue reading

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