Inspiration Monday: Marc Gutierrez

(c) 2010 Brian E. Miller Photography

This the 12th in my series of people or things that inspire me to continue to create my art and today the person I would like to introduce to you is a bit closer to home.  He’s my friend Marc Gutierrez.  Marc is a semi-pro photographer from Albuquerque who has created an impressive body of work without ever specializing in one particular style or subject.  And while for some (read: me) that would spell a death-nell in their marketability, Marc has achieved just the opposite.  Almost without trying, it would seem, he has managed to make a name for himself here in Albuquerque and in the stock photography world.  Almost to his surprise he continues to sell images on Getty Images month after month.  Clearly he has an eye for this stuff and others know it too.

Marc Gutierrez (c) Brian E. Miller Photography 2010

That being said, this is not really what inspires me about Marc.  It is his personality.  Marc is most assuredly the kindest person I have ever met.  Repeatedly I have witnessed Marc undertake acts of kindness toward others that make me want to be more like him.  He was one of the founders of the Albuquerque/Santa Fe Social Group on Flickr; a group that encourages and organizes “meet-ups” in the area for photographers.  He has repeatedly encouraged other photographers to attend, has lent gear, given advice, supported others’ work, left kind and supportive comments.  He has given of his time, energy, and money without expecting or even wanting any reward.

This is something to be recognized in an endeavor such as photography where often people square off along camera lines, film or digital lines, old school or newcomer, pro or amateur.

So check out Marc’s Flickr stream and his blog for a fun ride through and undefinable stylistic journey.  You’ll enjoy your time and might even make a friend in the process.

The image above was taken the other day as I wrestled with hindrances to my creative journey.  It is a bit removed, to my mind, from what I have been creating lately and a fuller explanation is forthcoming in another post later this week.  Check back soon!

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4 Responses to Inspiration Monday: Marc Gutierrez

  1. Tom says:

    Great feature! Marc really is one of the nicest people on the planet. And, damn, he is talented!

  2. josette says:

    love love love love….

    you and him.


  3. Amy Zampella says:

    Awesome tribute to a very sweet person. When Marc takes your photograph, he smiles, so you just want to smile and be happy when around him.

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