Inspiration Monday: Alfie Goodrich

(c) 2010 Brian E. Miller Photography

This is the 15th in my series of inspirational people or things that inspire me to continue pursuing my passion at photography and sometimes I just like a good image, you know?  I’ve written in the past about people whose process inspires me; some whose life’s work inspires me; some whose work ethic and desire to include and teach others inspires me.  I don’t know if this week’s pick falls in any of those categories but for me he just makes good pictures that I like to look at.   This week’s pick is photographer Alfie Goodrich.

Alfie is an English photographer based in Tokyo who runs a photoblog that was a finalist in the Best Asian/Oceanian photoblog competition.  I like Alfie’s minimalistic style where he simply presents his images against a black background.  Especially attractive are the mostly Japanese themes in his photography where Alfie tends to focus on street photography in Tokyo.  Armed with a loaned medium format camera and a lens that has an aperture of f1.2 he gets some sweet, sweet bokeh in his images.  They are just fun and beautiful to look at.

Check out his blog at for a neat journey through Japan as viewed through a westerner’s eyes.  I find it to be a visual treat that keeps me interesting in creating images and sure hope you do too.

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