I’m Moving to a New Home!!

I got inspired!!  OK, perhaps not in the traditionally photographic way of pressing the shutter release button and chimping at my LCD screen, but inspired nonetheless.

I’ve moaned at times that I want greater creative control over how my images are presented and I’ve thought too that I would like greater creative control over all aspects of my presentation in web-dom.  With that in mind, and after lots of navel-gazing,  I’ve decided to self-host my blog (!)


Not just my blog but my entire web presence!  Sooooo…..

We’re moving!!  Not far.  Just over to www.lomimonk.com.

The site should look nearly identical with some extra wiz-bang features like recommended readings, the option to buy prints of my photographs, and galleries (coming soon!!  I’m still learning all this stuff!)

So head on over to the new home of LomiMonk Photography, check it out, and let me know what you think.  I would love your feedback!


PS-I’ve been frustrated that when I moved my blog over to the new address the permalink for the blog isn’t what I would like.  So, for now, feel free to bookmark the home page.  I hope to have the issue resolved soon.  It has taken me a lot of work to get this new home “livable” but there are always repairs to be made.  Once the blog “Chronicles” link becomes http://www.lomimonk.com/blog it will be fine to subscribe to the RSS feed.  Oh, and if anyone out there knows WordPress and can help me with this I would just love it!

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