A Reminder: LomiMonk has moved to a new site address

Hi all,

It’s been about 6 months or so since I moved this blog over to a self-hosted site at www.lomimonk.com and I wanted to be sure everyone, especially those of you that have subscribed to this blog via e-mail delivery and through wordpress.com knew about this.

I’ve updated the new site with many more blog posts (I’m trying to keep to at least 2 per week), some galleries of images for sale through my printing partner Fotomoto (I’ve tested them out and they do really nice work. I especially enjoy seeing my images on greeting cards-great stuff!), some recommended reading for photographers and creative people, and I have some fun stuff planned for the future.

I have also updated my “subscribe” options over at the new site but your email subscription was not carried over during the move. Seeing as I don’t want to force anyone to be subscribed against their will, I invite you to come on over to the new home and subscribe through the handy subscription option in the right sidebar.

Also included in the new site are links to photographers and services that I really enjoy or use on a regular basis.

So, I would love to see you over at my new home. It has been a labor of love moving everything over and setting up house. It is an ongoing process and I would love your feedback on how it looks and works. Seeing as you have been with me from the beginning of this blog/website journey and been witnessing my growth and growing pains, your input is especially valuable to me.

Once again, the new address is www.lomimonk.com

Keep creating!

Brian [LomiMonk]

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