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I Shoot Cliched Images

I do. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just might be the pathway, the portal, to shooting more interesting, compelling, and non-cliche images. I remember being a senior in college and visiting the career placement office in the … Continue reading

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New Craft and Vision eBook: Close to Home: finding great photographs in your own back yard.

I love to travel.  It is one of the joys my family really likes to allow itself.  And my camera likes the travel too.  All of a sudden there are so many interesting and exotic scenes to point the lens … Continue reading

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Unexpected Changes

It is said that change is the only constant.  A whimsical, paradoxical, and wise statement that.  And it is worth paying attention to.  Changes have crept into my photography and my creativity without my awareness, and I pride myself on … Continue reading

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The benefits of pulling back

Boy we live in a world!  A world of non-stop availability and consumption.  Anything we want to know or see, and a lot don’t, is available right at our fingertips through iPhones, computers, iPads, billboards, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.  … Continue reading

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On Copping Out: when there is no time to make photographs

I’ve not written much on this blog lately, I don’t know if you’ve noticed.  I haven’t burned out though.  Quite the opposite.  I am smoldering, slowly, waiting, watching. Life has become hectic and running the edge of unmanageability.  There is … Continue reading

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Failed Inspiration and the Time For Work

The other day I remarked during one of my posts that I was struggling a bit with inspiration. Family life and work commitments can sometimes (rightly, in my book) interfere with one’s movement toward creativity. They can squash inspiration. These … Continue reading

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Openness in Photography (and Creativity)

Over and over, as I read books and blogs by photographers, I come across the word “vision.”  That’s not odd; photography is a visual medium.  I equally often encounter the term “openness” and this gives me pause. Photography is an … Continue reading

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Wanting What You’ve Got

I don’t think I’m all that different from others when it comes to photography, motivation, and inspiration.  I like to look at photography books, browse the web, click through Flickr, flip through National Geographic Magazine; I get inspired and motivated … Continue reading

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On Being An Artistic Hack

Last week I posted a blog post where I introduced my first photographic gig and how I felt and what I learned about the process.  In the post (which you can find here) I mentioned how nervous I was about … Continue reading

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The “Aha!” Moment: Learning Photography

I’m a passionately motivated person. When I find something I am interested in I throw myself into learning as much about the subject as possible. I know this to be true because it’s what my father has remarked about me, … Continue reading

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